About Jeremy Casson

Jeremy Casson

Jeremy Casson developed a love of art – and in particular fine art – whilst at school and went on to take one of the most highly-regarded art conservation courses in the UK during his time at university. Following this, he worked as an art conservator within several public institutions before opening and running his own practice, which he continues to do today. A key part of Jeremy’s role in this practice is the mentoring of other art conservators.

Jeremy Casson exhibition
Jeremy Casson oil painting

Art conservators combine their extensive knowledge of art history, science, architecture and changing lifestyles and fashions with practical skills to gain an understanding of an artwork’s context and conserve it appropriately and sensitively. A conservator’s knowledge, practical skills and understanding typically develop over the course of their whole career, and in recent years the scope of their work has broadened. Today, an art conservator will often expect to be involved in conservation science, exhibitions, advocacy work, project management and preventative conservation.

Jeremy Casson oil painting

Ultimately, the role of an art conservator is to preserve pieces of our collective culture and history so future generations can enjoy them. The primary role of these professionals is to prevent artworks from deteriorating due to ageing, environmental changes or damage, keeping them in their current state for as long as is feasible. The work of a conservator includes researching how an artwork was made, identifying what could be causing environmental damage to the piece and creating a plan to guard against further degradation.


When he’s not conserving and restoring artworks, Jeremy enjoys pottery, creating watercolour pieces of natural landscapes and sketching buildings he finds interesting. He also loves to travel and has visited a plethora of museums, art galleries and exhibitions around the world, including the Louvre, the Museum of Metropolitan Art, the Getty and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The latter is a particular favourite of Jeremy’s. The national museum of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum opened its doors to the public in 2013 following extensive renovation works. As well offering as a range of fascinating exhibitions, the institution boasts amazing interior design and regularly hosts a variety of lively events.

Jeremy Casson Pottery
Jeremy Casson watercolour
Jeremy Casson Rijksmuseum

While traveling, Jeremy takes the opportunity to explore and experience new cultures and tries to visit as many new locations as he can. He’s also a dedicated foodie and relishes trying the delicacies and cuisines of the countries and regions he travels to. When at home, Jeremy and his family find it very important to patronise local eateries to support businesses within their community.

Jeremy Casson Spain